Sex in the Time of COVID-19

While many states across the country are easing COVID-19-related restrictions and businesses are beginning to open up, the threat posed by the pandemic is still present. Data as of late June showed that the daily number of new coronavirus cases was climbing in 22 states. But with restrictions loosening and people emerging from quarantine, what do you tell your patients who ask—is sex safe? The question is explored by ASHA—the American Sexual Health Association. (The authors of Contraceptive Technology are pleased to partner with ASHA for our September virtual conference!) The answer, in short—it can be, but …

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Challenges old and new during the ...

As the Covid-19 pandemic grips the nation, health care providers continue to deliver excellent services to patients, many at substantial risk to their own well-being and well-ordered lives. Even outside the direct-care services for patients infected with the virus, providers face varying degrees of risk of contagion, and they carry on. These are the bright, dedicated, and courageous faces in the pandemic. The shadowy face, however, is evident in structural fault lines in the health care infrastructure: the crises due to health-care-resource shortfalls and systemic inequities giving rise to health disparities. These are not new problems, just ones that have become more apparent under pressure.

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Reproductive health in the time of ...

What a difference a month makes! Disruptions in supply chains, foregoing nonessential patient appointments, potential siphoning of funds from reproductive health programs and possibly decreased access to free or subsidized family planning care are predictions that have implications for providers and patients alike during the growing outbreak of Covid-19. And the need to protect yourself and your patients (Check out the links at the end of this post.) Kissing and sex may be among the most effective ways to transmit Covid-19…and maybe future emerging infectious diseases.

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The Book

Now available in a new 21st edition, this well-known text with more than 2 million copies in print has been the leading family planning resource... Read more

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